Entrepreneur to SuperPreneur

Get started on your journey to becoming a SuperPreneur!

The SuperPreneur Starter Programme is the perfect introduction to our SuperPreneur VIP Programme and to show you how to get your SuperPreneur status!

We have put together a Starter Programme for you that introduces you to the 3 Core Skills that you need to develop in order to become a SuperPreneur. 


Core Skills to becoming a SuperPreneur

Connect to Your Super Power

Bend Space and Time

Attract Your Perfect Clients

Here is what you can expect to learn during the SuperPrenuer programme

  • Learn how to deal with and overcome stressful situations and people!
  • Learn how to raise your energy levels!
  • Learn about the Power of Your Ding Dong!
  • Learn how to keep your mind positive!
  • Learn how to meditate even while you are in conversation with someone!
  • Learn how to identify and deal with energy vampires and time suckers!
  • Learn how to Ink It & Don't Think It!
  • Learn a simple way on how to become more productive with your time!
  • Learn how to communicate more effectively so people hear and feel what you say!
  • Learn 5 steps on how to become an effective listener!
  • Learn about the power of gratitude and how to use it in your life!
  • Plus much more incredible teachings

If your are interested in becoming a SuperPreneur, then Jump on board so we can help support you on your journey!

You are one click away from receiving:

  • Morning Motivation
  • Evening Meditations
  • Our #1 Productivity Tool 
  • 20+ Videos
  • Lifetime Access!
  • Supportive Online Community 

"I call Declan and Jo-Anne “the dynamic duo” because they bring a combination of both powerful and calming energy and presence to the table! This is coupled with many years of professional experience and personal growth/development. I believe the best teachers are those who have come through difficult, life altering challenges with resilience and a deeper perspective. From the Dore Diary to their online programs and live events, the content is first class. Everything is designed to provide you with the necessary tools to help you make a shift towards productivity, positivity, and taking charge of your life and energy (Your Energy, Your Time, Your World)! Most of all, it is done with authenticity and service in mind. Thank you for all the wonderful products and content."

Parkash Athwal - Vancouver - Canada

"This is a brilliant place where you can learn so much about yourself from a Master! I would encourage you to take a look at Declan's website. He has helped me so much with the three major areas of my life! Healthy Body, Mind and Finances! Thank you for being there Declan and Jo-Anne! :)"

Ron E. West - Southampton, UK

"Their knowledge and their teaching methods are outstanding. If you want to learn about their offers, their website explains it much better then I can. But if you want to learn about what kind of people they are, that I can tell you :) They are trustworthy! They live passionately what they teach and their mission is to help others. And, most importantly, you can bet that they will over deliver on all of their offers."

Andre Somov - Vancouver - Canada

"I have huge aspirations for myself, both personally and professionally. With Declan and Jo-Anne's guidance in their Academy's programs, I am experiencing a new confidence in speaking intentionally that has already made me more successful and joyful."

Melissa Dobson - NY, USA

100% Money Back Guarantee!

If, after enrolling, you do not believe this to be what you ware hoping it to be, then just ask for your money back within 30 days and receive a full refund.

Start practising your SuperPreneur Core Skills

Meet The SuperPreneurs!

Declan and Jo-Anne are the Co-Founders of the SuperPreneur Lifestyle training programes.

They are both enthusiastic about life and their business and have created many programmes and training days to help the Entrepreneur to become a SuperPreneur. 


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