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More than just another time management system…

The PAL programme stems from one of our flagship products The Dore Diary 90 Day KPI Planner.

This uniquely designed energy and time management system was created by our CEO & Founder Declan Dore.

Declan for years was looking for a system where he could track all that was going on for him in both his personal and professional environment. He started to be his own boss from a young age and had people working for him so he was eager to lead from the front and set good examples. People over the years started to ask Declan how do you get so much done in such a short period of time. As a result of numerous requests Declan received, he started coaching and training people one to one and in groups the system he developed around productivity, accountability and lifestyle. The Dore Diary 90 KPI Planner, The Dore Diary 30 Day Healthy Habit Programme and The Dore Diary Doodle, Draw, Sketch Journal along with many of the other tools you will learn about in this system have been designed and developed specifically for this 3 week programme.

As soon as you sign up for this programme we will ship directly to your home or business a “PAL Pack” of the above diaries where both Declan and Jo-Anne will take you through how to maximise and use these tools.

During the 3 week programme we look at the 3 components “P A L”  in more depth as well as effective ways to be more productive, accountable and live the lifestyle you want by freeing up your energy and time.

After The 3 Weeks…
We will also be available after the 3 weeks to answer any questions you might have (at NO extra cost) plus we will be providing more valuable information to you on a weekly and monthly basis. This is one topic we love to teach as we Know it produces Results for people very quickly. This is one of the main reasons we offer a 30 day money back guarantee as we are confident you will get results.

Lifetime Access!
You will also have Lifetime access to this online course which means you can go back and revisit any topic you feel you need a refresher on.


Here is what you can expect to learn from the PAL programme:

  • Learn how to identify and deal with energy vampires and time suckers!
  • Learn how to effectively manage your life to free up more time for you!
  • Learn how to set long term and short term goals which manifest into reality!
  • Learn how to become more accountable and stay accountable to your goals and tasks!
  • Access our private online community for additional support

  • Plus much more incredible teachings


What does PAL stand for...

P = Productivity

Most people want to be more productive and would like to increase their output in what they do. In the PAL programme Declan and Jo-Anne will take you through how this system was created and show you how to be more productive with your energy and time. You will also learn how to identify “energy vampires” and “time suckers” and how to block your time to get the most out of your day.

 A = Accountability

The PAL programme is the perfect system for you to use on a daily basis to help hold yourself accountable to get your tasks done and those goals reached! This can be from knowing when to take action on a project you are looking to work on, a new home you are looking to move into, a health and fitness goal or an increase in your weekly / monthly income etc. This can and will be achieved by using the simple steps in this programme.

L = Lifestyle

Lifestyle is a word which most people associate with physical health. However, our way of looking at Lifestyle is the overall BIGGER picture. Within this programme we teach you how to have an holistic approach to life and your lifestyle. Your personal, business and financial lifestyle is what we empower you to focus on as we guide you through this 3 week programme.


You also get a PAL Pack!!

We will ship directly to your home or business a “PAL Pack” to help you start your journey to a more productive, accountable and healthier lifestyle straight away!

You will receive the following:

1x Dore Diary 90 Day KPI Planner
1x Dore Diary 30 Day Healthy Habit Journal
1x Dore Diary Doodle, Draw, Sketch Journal
AND some Bonus Surprise Material that will take your productivity, accountability and lifestyle to a whole new level! 
When you are ready to commit to a more productive YOU, a more accountable YOU and LIVING the lifestyle you desire then jump on board and let us share with you how to do exactly that! 


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