1. Improve your Time Management by up to 50%

  2. Increase your business visibility online and learn how to stand out from the crowd. 

  3. Learn how to automate some of the daily grind - to free up your time! 

  4. Find your "Marketing Personality Type" and learn how you could play to your strengths instead of trying to do it, like everyone else! 

Why the SuperPreneur Mastermind?

One of my main philosophies here at SuperPreneur Lifestyle is... "That YOUR business is only as good as YOU are"! Therefore, there is a lot of emphasis on self care during our monthly Mastermind meetings. The funny thing about entrepreneurs is, they're SO passionate about what they do and the clients that they serve, they forget to look after themselves. Very often find themselves at the very bottom of their priority list. Which in fact, does not make sense at all... You need your BEST YOU in order to run your business and have it be the Success you envision it to be! 

When you look after you, you will have enough energy to do even the least favourite things in your business.... tax returns anyone? ;-)

So not only do we make time to grow your business, we make time to grow YOU and the guest list of facilitators, experts and guest speakers on our Master Mind days are quite AH-MAY-ZING!!! 

Our Mastermind days are jam-packed days of learning new skills, upgrading skills, making connections, having fun, recharging and re-energising, ALL while growing your network, your community and your business! 

We also offer CPD certificates for the training during the Master Mind meetings!

Starting in September 2019 and runs till June 2020, with 10 meetings over the 10 months. You need to be there for every meeting - one Friday a month! Isn't it worth investing in you and your business once a month?

This SuperPreneur Mastermind is like no other! 

So here is what you can expect:

  • 10x Supercharged Mastermind days spread over 10 months, starting in September. 
  • Soul nourishing practices that will help you to stay connected to your Super Power! 
  • Expertise in their field, teaching us the know-how of super important components to a successful business - no matter how big or small your business. These will include:
    • Productivity Management - Probably one of the most common sticklers for entrepreneurs. This specific system has proven to give you 30-50% more time in your day! 
    • Personal Branding of your business, and how to RISE and stand out among the crowds. 
    • Nutrition Experts with a live workshop of preparing easy meals and snacks to keep up a healthy and energised lifestyle. 
    • Social media experts, to show you how to maximise your advertising potential online through well-known social media platforms.
    • Financial Experts, to show you the best practices to implement in your business to save you time and money! 
    • Selfcare practices will include Yin Yoga, Creative workshops with a renowned ceramicist, gentle hill walking with a fitness expert etc. 

Each one of these days - if you have to combine the training and facilitation individually- would be valued at € 900 each. Which means in total you get  9000 value over the 10 months!! 

Did I forget to mention the bonuses?

with a combined value of €1000?

  • Each participant gets to have a 1 hour 1:1 session with Jo-Anne to brainstorm their business and how you can take your business online with online products or training. 
  • Specialised Intū:it Method Masterclasses on each mastermind day. The Intū:it Method is designed to develop your intuition as an entrepreneur, but the techniques can be applied to any area of your life! 
  • 10 x Monthly 1 hour Webinars where we discuss the specific "hot seat" topic of the month. 
  • 1 Year's worth of the best Energy and Time management systems out there! (This bundle contains 4x 90 Day Diaries to keep you laser-focused for each quarter! )
  • CPD Certificates (4 hours) for each Mastermind Day


€10 000 Value at a Fraction to you! 

You will NOT BELIEVE the small investment I managed to get all of this expertise for you at!!

Not only will you get all of the training from these Ah-May-Zing speakers and facilitators, but you will also get to be part of:

  • A community of like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Who will keep you accountable to your goals
  • and who are inspired to make a difference in people's lives and the world. 
  • A group who you can belong to, that understand the struggles of someone who runs their own business or private practice.
  • That understand that it can be a lonely journey and doing everything yourself often leads to overwhelm and burnout. 
  • A group that wants to grow themselves and their business, and expand beyond their comfort zones and be there to cheer you on as you make the jump! 

To be fair, nobody can really put a price on belonging to such a group... 

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to become part of a unique group that will help you to grow and expand beyond your wildest dreams? To be supported in the difficult decisions you have to make in your business? To RISE above the crowds, and make your business or private practice the success it is meant to be? To go from an entrepreneur to a SuperPreneur? Take the first step now, by filling in the online application form. Once I receive your application form, I will be in touch with further details.

Meet Your Host

Jo-Anne Mac Millan is the host of the Monthly SuperPreneur Master Mind. 

She is enthusiastic about life and her various businesses and have created many programs and co-hosted successful training days to help Entrepreneurs to become SuperPreneurs. 

She has a BA degree in Clinical Psychology and MA in Psychotherapy and have trained in Sound Healing for many years. She is also the creator of the Intū:it Method and runs a successful private practice since 2009 where she offers Psychotherapy and Sound Therapy to her clients. See for more info

"I first met Jo-Anne a few months ago at a SuperPreneneur Mastermind Day in Kilcornan. I instantly clicked with Jo-Anne , she was so welcoming , warm and friendly and is just a lovely , kind , genuine good hearted person with real passion in her work and connecting with people . That day was a wonderful day in Kilcornan we covered so many diferent areas on business goals, self development and fun. Jo-Anne practises the Sound Baths on me and all the group and WOW is all I can say it was amazing and I really enjoyed it , it was so soothing and tranquil and I would recommend anyone to do this . It was my first time doing Sound Baths and it was brilliant plus the venue in Kilcornan is such a beautiful and relaxing place."

Jennifer Mulqueen

"Jo-Anne is one of those really genuinely nice people who always has a smile on her face and a welcoming way of being. I have attended quite a few of Jo-Anne's workshops and I have to say each one of them was so very enjoyable. Jo-Anne is a humble and very light hearted person, while also having a loving and warm inclusive way of working, her bubbly personality shines brightly through the work that she does so well. Each of the workshops that I had the pleasure to attend with Jo-Anne, was great fun while being an awesome learning experience. I would highly recommend Jo-Anne's workshops and indeed all the work that Jo-Anne does "

Brenda Chung

"Hi to all who have found the website and work of Jo-Anne, you are in the best place and good care with Jo-Anne. My name is Alan Kane Head Instructor at Mullingar Qigong 4 Health and I had the pleasure of welcoming Jo-Anne to our training centre to provide sound bath workshop for us for a healing day we had. The day included Qigong, Tai Chi and Jo-Anne doing sound bath for us. Everyone truly enjoyed the day and found Jo-Anne to be exceptional at what she does, I even think some of the participants drifted off to a nice place of slumber. I would have no hesitation in bringing Jo-Anne back to our facility soon and I suggest anyone reading this do the same."

Alan Kane

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