DPACR System


It’s well known that good communication is the foundation of any successful relationship, be it personal or professional.

If you would like to learn how to communicate more effectively with those around you and have a bigger impact on your world, then we highly recommend for you to sign up for this programme!
If you are ready to take your communication skills to a whole other level and leave a memorable impression with those you deal with on a daily basis, the DPACR System is for you!


D P A C R Explained

What follows next is a unique system that will teach you the invaluable techniques to communicate effectively and make a lasting impact in your world.
Below we briefly discuss what the DPACR system is about and how it can add value to you communicating effectively and making a bigger impact in your world. Declan and Jo-Anne have combined their experience from their respective fields and have come up with this 5 step system that will change the way you communicate with others for the better!

We look at verbal communication, but also at non-verbal communication and how your energy and emotions influence what you say, what you are trying to say and also if your message is heard or not.

Following these 5 steps and making them part of your everyday communication will help you to be clear and concise in your delivery, whether that be with a client, business partner or sales team. Learning these skills can also have a positive affect on your personal relationships which is equally if not more important.


Here is what you can expect to learn from the DPACR System:

  • How to communicate more effectively so people hear and feel what you say!
  • How to ground yourself before and durning a conversation!
  • How to ask the right questions at the right time!
  • How to close deals or close down conversations!
  • How to delegate and become an empowering leader!
  • Access our private online community for additional support
  • Plus much more incredible teachings


D = Deliver

On week 1 of this online programme we will share with you how to deliver your message / information about your product or service by bringing the right amount of passion, enthusiasm and excitement without going over the top and sabotaging what you would like to say. This is the foundation step in effective communication and with this one step you would be able to practice and take action on straight away, after you have viewed the videos.

P = Pull Back, ground yourself
On week 2 we will take you through how to pull back and ground yourself after you have delivered your message / information. As you have probably gathered by now we are all about empowering your own life energy and how bringing your energy into a conversation is so important. Knowing how to harness your energy and how to express this within a conversation is a skill we love to teach people. We look forward to sharing this skill with you in our online videos.

A = Ask Questions
After you have learned how to pull back and ground yourself, On week 3 we will share with you some really empowering questions you can ask the person you are in communication with. This can be anything from trying to steer a conversation from a negative outcome to a positive one, or asking the right questions that will lead you to closing the deal in a sales interaction.

This section will also focus on how to listen effectively after you have asked the question, as effective listening plays an extremely important part in communicating effectively.

C = Close
On week 4 we will share with you two aspects when it comes to the “close”. The first one is how to close down a conversation with someone where you feel they are draining your energy and wasting your time. Sometimes in life you come across people who drain you both mentally and physically. We will show you in this section how to overcome this situation. The second aspect is for anyone who wants to learn how to effectively negotiate a sale, new contract or better prices from a supplier.

R = Refer
During week 5 we will take you through the two R’s.

The first R:

Sometimes we just have to be realistic about our workload, clients we work with and our time schedules. In this section, we will look at how to refuse and refer. This might mean saying “no” to a really lucrative deal or more additional clients to an already blocked out diary! However, by refusing and referring this on to a trustworthy colleague or a fellow distributor will not only free up your energy and time to focus on what you are doing, it will also help you build positive relationships.

The second R:

For any company or sales team, your referrals are like oxygen – as you cannot breathe without them! We here at Dore Concepts have built relationships all over the world, just on this one step. We are big believers in referrals and during week 5 of this online programme we will share with you, how to build up an incredible loyal client base and how these clients will refer people to your company or product which in turn helps you to build your business.


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