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Before & After Life-Threatening Brain Injury

My full name is Declan Patrick Nicholas Joseph Dore. Now there’s a mouthful :-) Patrick from my Mom's Dad, Nicholas from my Dad’s Dad and Joseph, yes you guessed correctly, that's my Dad’s name! I am from out the countryside of lovely west Limerick Ireland in a place called Kilcornan and grew up in a farming and building family.

I was always full of life when I was young and loved being around farm animals. I especially loved sitting on my granny’s lap by the fireside as she sang me nursery rhymes like Humpty Dumpty, Baa Baa black sheep, Hickory Dickory Dock etc. As the years went by I loved sport and wanted to follow in my mother's footsteps and play for my county and win All-Ireland medals playing in the biggest stadium in Ireland called Croke Park (Holds over 80 thousand people). My mom is one tough lady. She looked after my granny and grandad's farm so for me most of my time as a child was spent on the farm or curled up into my granny by the fireside.

My Dad was a builder and I loved going to jobs with him and learning from him. The No.1 aspect I learned from my Dad was "Nothing is impossible and once you put your mind to it you can do it". He was referencing this to doing work but I took that on board for anything in life. Thankfully this program he gave me saved my life which I will explain in a minute. I remember any job that he would do it had to be done 100%. There was never any excuses allowed and the work carried out had to be completed to the highest of standards. He was a bit of a perfectionist. Maybe that's where I got that!!! Lol  :-)

As I got older and school was about to finish I had to make a decision on what I wanted to do with my life. My dream was to play sport full time as most young boys dreams are but I had to "Get Real" and decide on what to do. My decision was to take up a trade as an electrician and follow my Dad's footsteps into the building industry. To make a long story short after 4 years of doing my trade I was very unhappy with the work I was doing and really wanted to work for myself but did not know what to do or how to even go about it.

The Turning Point

Here comes the turning point in my life. I was sitting my final exams in LIT College Limerick to become a fully qualified electrician on the week of Monday the 15th through to Friday 19th of March 2004. In between those dates fell Ireland's most famous and celebrated day (Saint Patrick's Day, 17th March)

I remember so clearly on the eve of Saint Patricks day I was heading out with my friends to a dance club (I love to dance) and I was having this conversation with myself saying "I would love if something happens to me tonight so I don't have to sit my final two exams on Thursday and Friday"

Little did I realise what I was asking for.

To fast forward from all the break-dancing that was done and gallons of sweet which perspired through my shirt I ended up that night fracturing my skull and suffering a serious brain injury. As I was being rushed to the hospital and blood flowing down the right side of my face I thought to myself, I don't think I will be able to sit my exams on Thursday. I had no idea how serious this was. I remember one morning lying in the hospital bed and saw this team of doctors huddle around me. There stood the head doctor explaining my case to this group of interns about the severe damage which had been caused. He stated that there would be a good possibility that I would never again walk, talk or get the use of the right side of my face back due to how serious the injury was.

I lay there helpless with the only power I had at that time being my own self-belief and self-talk that nothing is impossible and I would make a full recovery. (Thank You Dad)

As the days, weeks and months went by I finally got back on my feet but still had a long road to recovery. Yes, it was extremely tough but I always believed I would pull through even though most people did not give me much hope. I will never forget the morning one of my good neighbours Mike Stokes called in to see me in the hospital and said "It was really nice to know you Declan". To this day we still talk of that moment as he thought that was the last time he would ever talk to me! One thing I did know was that in my own mind I kept believing I would pull through and survive.

It was a long and rocky road. When I did eventually get back on my feet I was so overweight from all the morphine and steroids I was on that this lead to serious bouts of depression and many thoughts of finishing eveything. It was as if I had to start from scratch. I was unable to climb ladders due to my dizziness which resulted in my electrical trade going out the window and my true love (sport) I was no longer able to play. This was HUGE for me as that was my identity and where I came Alive was on a sports field. My closest friends I grew up playing sport with I disconnected from as it was tough for me to even talk sport never mind going to see or watch sport anymore. Heavy physical work was also tough for me so I had to start making decisions. Stay on social welfare, feel sorry for myself and keep claiming disability, or get out and do something with myself. I tried to do the first but I had this burning desire inside me always wanting to get out there and make a difference. All this at the age of 21.

Why I Do What I Do

One powerful story was when I was in hospital I remember making a pact with myself and this positive voice which kept talking to me, you can call it god, spirit, a higher source, angels whichever feels comfortable to you, but I made a pack that if I was helped through this ordeal I would do whatever it takes to help as many people as I can from all over the world.

As I explained earlier I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life but one thing I did know was I had to become my own boss and work for myself. I started different businesses over the years and what I learned was invaluable. I had some incredible people work for and with me and then I had some incredible people who worked against me with many successes and many failures along the way. All were great life lessons each and every single one of them. I also realised life guides you once you listen but for me, I had turned the encouraging voice completely off which I had in the hospital and ran around doing what my ego and other people were guiding me to do. I will fill you in on some stories and life lessons on this topic as we get to know each other better.

Thankfully today I am doing what I love and that's to help people empower their own life energy and to show Entrepreneurs how to become SuperPreneurs. I travelled to many countries over the years to get answers - America, Austria, Germany, Spain even as far as Japan and the healthiest island just of Japan called Okinawa. I learned so much about health, lifestyle and business that I now teach and educate people on what I did to get to where I am today - from how I recovered my own health through different tools and techniques, to how to become more productive in 3 simple steps and one topic I love to teach is on how to connect and communicate more effectively with those around you weather that be personally or professionally.

How Jo-Anne & I Work...

The SuperPreneur Lifestyle journey started in November of 2014 when we decided to combine our knowledge, expertise and passion for helping others to live their best lives!  

We are now the co-creators of the SuperPreneur Training Programs, wherein we help Business Owners and those in Private Practice to move from Entrepreneurs to SuperPreneurs! 

We teach 3 Core Skills we believe anyone who wants to become a SuperPreneur needs to master.

What are these 3 Core Skills you might ask?

To be a SuperPreneur you need to:

  • Connect to Your Super Power
  • Bend Space and Time
  • Attract Your Perfect Clients

Connect to Your Super Power is all about your Self Care and creating a way of life and business that looks after your health and finances! We do believe that being self employed, your business is only as good as YOU are!

Bend Space and Time is about learning strategies and having systems in place that help you to be more structured and get MORE out of your Time and Energy every day! We teach people how to use our #1 Productivity tool, that helps them to stay on top of their game and create more time for LIVING! We are delighted to say that this book is now for sale on Amazon :-) 

Attract Your Perfect Clients shares with you how to become a more effective communicator, but far more than just communication skills! There is so much more to attracting your perfect clients than just words. Here we will show you how to do that in 5 simple steps!

We have some great online programs developed for Business Owners or those in Private Practice - whether you are just starting out or a well-seasoned business owner - we teach these 3 Core Skills and how you can easily implement them in your daily life so that you can bring your best-self to your clients! If you need some additional support we do one-to-one coaching online and run Mastermind days at our offices in Kilcornan, Co. Limerick.

I hope that gives you a better understanding and feeling into who I am, why I do what I do and how Dore Concepts can help you move forward in both your personal and professional environment!? 

Thank You for taking the time to read this and if you have any questions for me personally or see how I can help you please feel free to send me an email at [email protected] or connect with me on social media. 

I look forward to connecting with you soon and hopefully meet you in person one day!

Onwards & Upwards, 



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