Rebounding - Jump yourself fit!

Uncategorized Sep 01, 2018

"Rebounding" is basically bouncing on a mini trampoline by performing a series of small, controlled movements. There’s no need for special instruction, you can use your Rebounder for bouncing, jogging or dancing!

We have to say we simply love our Rebounders, and as it does not take a lot of space... we can literally have it anywhere... Exercise room, office, bedroom, outside etc. It is a unique exercise in which a weightless state is achieved at the top of each jump and landing achieves twice the force of gravity on each bounce. This shift in gravity benefits every muscle and cell of the body and provides huge benefits to the lymphatic system.

We have first come across Rebounding when Jo-Anne went on her first "Juice Fast" in an attempt to regain some of her health... Now, Jo-Anne is an avid follower of the "Juice Master" (Jason Vale) and he promotes rebounding as a fun exercise to include in your daily routine when juicing. That was 7 years ago! and she enjoyed it so much its something she has continued with and still do on a regular basis.

We also have a Rebounder in the office here at Dore Concepts, and whenever we need to take a break from the computer, we jump on the trampoline for 10 - 15 minutes! We find this raises our energy and gets us more focused on the task ahead. Another of our teachers insist that you need to take a 10 -15-minute break for every 50 minutes of work if you want to be more productive! We find the Rebounder offers the perfect mental break to get our bodies up and moving in between tasks!

Benefits of Rebounding

  1. Rebounding is suitable for many people, so the whole family can benefit from it, but as with any new exercise regime, it’s important to start steady and build up your stamina and strength.
  2. Our bodies have a built-in need for activation. The lymph system, for example, bathes every cell, carries nutrients to the cell and takes waste products away. Yet the lymph system is totally dependent on physical exercise to move. Without adequate movement, the cells are left stewing in their own waste and starving for nutrients, which could contribute to arthritis, cancer and other degenerative diseases including aging. Rebound exercise is so efficient in stimulating the lymph flow that Dr. C. Samuel West calls it ‘Lymphocizing.’ I say it is simply a miracle the way the body knows how to take care of itself. We just need to know how to help it a little and do it. – Albert E Carter
  3. Rebounding as an exercise reduces body fat, firms legs, thighs, abdomen, arms, and hips, increases your agility, whilst improving your sense of balance. It is a perfect workout that strengthens your muscles overall, provides an aerobic effect for your heart, rejuvenates your body when it’s tired, and generally puts you in a state of health and fitness.
  4. Plus!! You cannot help but smile when you are on a mini trampoline!

Rebounding is definitely one of our top tips when it comes to an easy, accessible exercise to start off with if you have an extremely sedentary job or have not exercised in a long time.

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