Listen to your GUT lately?

I just love this topic... and have to say it is something that I practice a lot and try and strengthen as much as I can... using our gut or intuition... 

Steve Jobs called intuition “more powerful than intellect.” Albert Einstein called it the "sacred gift". Some of the most important partnerships, products and theories are born from the instinctive feeling of intuition.

A lot of people call it our "sixth sense", but really I are thinking it is more like our "primary sense" and it is available to all of us. And one thing I are certain about...  the more you use this "sacred gift" the more successful you will become. You can avert problems before they arise and increase your effectiveness if you just listen...

There are many signs that your intuition is talking to you. In any given situation, you can experience nagging thoughts and feelings of suspicion, anxiety, doubt, curiosity or wonder. Your body has signals like goosebumps for inspiration or a churning stomach when something is off. Yes... you know "that" feeling you get, when something is not right... 

 The biggest indicator of an intuitive person is that the individual listens to and heeds the signs their intuition is giving. And just like any other muscle in the body, the more you exercise it, the stronger, more flexible and durable it becomes. :)

So how do I turn up the volume on my intuition?

I would like to share these 5 ways that will help you strengthen your "intuitive muscle"

  1. Spend some daily connecting with yourself and your breath. 

Call it meditation, quiet reflection or just taking out some quiet time. Give yourself some time each day just to be with yourself and your thoughts and feelings. Listen or watch them without judgement, allow them to pass through you and allow yourself to recognise the sensations as they arise. Meditation will clear your mind of distractions, allowing your internal voice to be heard with more clarity. Your intuition may speak to you in sensations, words, sounds, or pictures, as you become more attuned you will be more able to discern.

  1. Listen to what your gut has to say

This very closely links into the above practice of connecting to yourself on a daily basis. When you make time to connect to "yourself". Actively allow yourself to hear and receive your intuitive voice and give it space to be heard. Actively tell yourself that you will value its voice and that it is a welcome insight. You might be amazed at the insights you could receive by just listening to your gut. 

  1. Talk to yourself

 Ask yourself questions. This is something that Declan does frequently when problem-solving or looking for a possible solution to something. He would sit down, take a few deep breaths and ask himself this question... "What is there that I need to know about..." or "What is the solution to this [situation]..." and then inevitably he would start writing whatever comes up for him. [Top Tip to try] write the question down and then write down the answer with your other hand. This technique allows an internal activation of your "intuitive voice". Why not try it?

  1. Writing or Journaling

As in the example above, writing is an important skill to use in developing your intuitive skills. Intuitive impressions are often subtle and can evaporate quickly. Our trust in them isn’t strong to start with and so the fleeting message is lost and gone. Actually writing it down gives you something to come back to and also activates the RAS (Reticular Activating System) at the base of your brain which sets itself the task of finding evidence to support your thoughts. Those of you who have joined a SuperPreneur Master Mind days have heard discussions about the RAS in more detail and is really something that is well worth knowing more about :)

  1. Trust yourself.

Trust can be tricky for many of us, especially if I have been let down by others personally or professionally many times, or maybe have experienced failure in business etc. I do want to encourage you though to not let fear be the decision maker when you have to jump in to make a choice or decision about something. I like the analogy of a child starting to walk... many times the child will fall over, but I encourage them to get back up again. The child does not - after they've fallen over - stay lying or sitting on the ground, saying I couldn't do it earlier or earlier when I tried I was wrong in my technique, so I better not try again... No way! They get back up and try again, with the full belief that they will be able to do it this time. The same goes for trust... I just do it, and then gradually increase the levels bit by bit when all is Ill. So jump in, make the decision to trust your intuition and allow it to prove to you just how wonderfully trustworthy it really is!

I would love to hear from you on this! Has there ever been a time when you trusted your gut, and it was spot on... or do you use your inner "GPS" all the time? How do you know when it is right?

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