How to Raise your Vibration

Your vibration essentially refers to your energetic state. Your dominant thoughts, your physical health, your emotions and your beliefs all collectively contribute to the vibrational state of our energy field and can help to raise your vibration. These contribute to our "vibes" if you will. When you can feel "vibes" coming from another person, you are literally tapping into the energy field of that person.

Most people want to feel peace and happiness. There are many things that you can do to raise your vibration and today there is a myriad of techniques and practices that you can include in your lifestyle that will raise your vibrational frequency over the course of time, and with some even immediately. Getting sunlight, eating a healthy diet, spending time with friends and being out in nature are just some of the more obvious ways.

Tips to raise your vibration

In order to raise your vibration, you have to take your MEDS! We here at Dore Concepts are great believers in and followers of taking our MEDS every day! What?! We hear you ask... 

Well, our daily MEDS consist of Meditation, Exercise, Diet and Spiritual practice. By following this regime, we know that we are looking after ourselves on every level... physically, mentally and spiritually.


Choose to meditate every day. Morning or evening, and the technique is not important, it is, however, important that you take some time out to reflect, on the present, on your guiding light, or on the text that you find supportive right now.


Yes, this one can easily be skipped by many. But do you know that regular exercise, especially in the darker months, can give your serotonin levels a real boost! And a bonus is that you feel great, you burn off extra energy that you do not need and leads to a fitter, healthier body. And you know the old saying… a healthy body harbours a healthy spirit…


Do you nurture and support your body with healthy and nutritious food that gives you the necessary energy to get you through your day? If we run on empty, we could get stuck next to the road. So make sure your tank is full, with the best possible fuel you can afford.

Spiritual practice

It has been proven time and time again that people who have a spiritual practice, like prayer, meditation, chanting etc. have a much longer lifespan, but also research has proven that people with a form of spiritual practice recover much quicker from operations, disease etc. So whatever your mindset or belief, make some time to get connected to your spirit and to the supporter of your life essence.

Taking your MEDS is your responsibility and so is raising your vibration. When we each take the responsibility to raise our vibration we make a conscious choice to raise the overall vibration of our families, communities and eventually the world.

Like the drop in the pond, it ripples out far and wide.

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