5 Reasons to use a Daily Planner as an Entrepreneur

bend space and time Jan 01, 2019

When we were planning for a training day recently, we once again realised how much we value the good 'ole pen to paper as to doing everything digitally! Now, don't get us wrong... we love technology and what it has done for our business as much as anyone! BUT! When it comes to creating, creative thinking, planning and getting into the nitty-gritty of things, we always pull out a pen and paper! 

We doodle, mindmap, write lists and ideas until it starts taking shape on the page! And all of this is also embedded into the new A5 version of the Dore Diary 90 KPI Planner! More space to doodle, write, note and create! But most of all help you to plan your day!

So with today's email, we would like to share with you 5 reasons why using a daily planner like the Dore Diary will help you to become a better Entrepreneur! 

1. Create a Dump List = Write everything down!

The act of writing is like zen for your busy mind, and many research studies show that you're more likely to remember things you write down. Taking the time each day to write down all of your appointments, tasks and goals is worth every minute spent. It will save you time the next day when you have a real plan and aren't scrambling to figure out what needs to be done.

No task is too small to write down if it's something you don't want to forget. Write it down, and then take action.

We would recommend taking a few minutes each evening before bed to plan your next day, and a step further, to take some time each Sunday evening to plan your upcoming week. You will find your mind is clearer and more free time will surface.

2. Use your planner to create monthly goals.

If you're going to be planning out each day, you should also be thinking about each month as an overview. One of the key factors for entrepreneurs is setting goals and then taking the steps to reach them. Take some time at the end of each month to decide what you want to accomplish in the following month, and write it all out in your planner.

Writing your goals down makes them much more likely to happen. These goals can be business-related or personal. You are not a separate entity from your business when you are an entrepreneur. You are a part of it, so making goals that work for your business and for you is important. You will find a section in the Dore Diary ahead of each month to plan your following month. We also have a 90 Day planner included in the Dore Diary to plan your next 90 days at a glance!

3. Make your planner a place for inspiration.

A planner is not just a place to check things off and see what time you need to be somewhere. It should be a place for inspiration and creative ideas as well. One of the things we always write in our monthly planner is a word to focus on each month. A lot of us pick a word of the year or set a New Year's resolution, but we know how hard it is to stay inspired all year.

Setting up monthly inspiration is far more practical than simply making annual resolutions and keeps things fresh. Write down what creates happiness in your life, things you want to say no to, routines and habits that help you stay healthy, special dates and a monthly bucket list. Make sure to refer back to your monthly planner every week so you keep the inspiration going.

4. Schedule time to work on your business and not just in your business.

Beyond scheduling and to-do lists, an important part of your life as an entrepreneur is prioritising blocks of time to focus 100 % on your business. This means sitting down with no distractions to look at the current state of your business and address anything that may not be working well, planning new things to try and delegating.

It's so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day processes and not put a solid plan in place for growth. So make sure you schedule some time to work ON your business and where your business is heading. 

This means all the mundane tasks also that makes your business tick... From bookwork, tax returns, filing invoices, general admin work etc. Yes, we know... It is not the most exciting part of having your business, but when you schedule it in your planner it will happen and you can stay on top of things, and there will be less hair-pulling and teeth-grinding, come the end of year tax returns. 

We have chosen one day in the week, where we spend the whole morning just doing books, updating invoices, following up money owed etc. BUT if we do not schedule it, it is easy to push to the background and do something that is more "interesting"... 

5. Incorporate self-care and family life into your planner.

Self-care has to be a priority for you as a business owner!! If you have been following us for a while now... you have probably heard us say that "Your business is only as good as YOU are".  You are the driving force behind your success and you need your health to maintain that success. Research has shown that a significant percentage of entrepreneurs may be suffering from Entrepreneur Fatigue and Depression. To combat that, carve out time in your planner for rest, hobbies and exercise. 

Also, do not exclude your nearest and dearest! Make sure you spend time with those who nurture you and care for you! Schedule, those coffee dates. family lunches and weekends away. If it is in the planner it is more likely to happen! 

We hope you have found some valuable tips in this blog post and that you are inspired to get out that pen and paper and make it happen! If you are looking for an energy-management system that we use personally, you can find it on Amazon, by clicking on the link below. 

A5 Dore Diary 90 Day KPI Planner

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