5 habits of High Performing Entrepreneurs!

When it comes to high achieving Entrepreneurs, we certainly have our favourites and people we love to follow! Some of our absolute favourite entrepreneurs are business magnate Richard Branson, High Performer Brendon Burchard, Denise Duffield-Thomas aka "Lucky B", businesswoman Ariana Huffington etc. 

These high performers have a lot of things in common - apart from their success! They all have healthy habits that they follow every day in order to stay ahead of the game! and we love learning from them all! 

Let's face it, the life of an entrepreneur can be equally rewarding and challenging at times and it is so important that you have a regime or practice that you follow that works for you and keeps you on track with where your business is going and also how to keep growing yourself and your business! 

So today we would like to share with the top 5 habits of high performing entrepreneurs! 

1. Hydration

To function well, effective entrepreneurs start their day hydrated. Once they’ve had their coffee or tea, they start pushing the water. They are aware that staying hydrated keeps their memory sharp, their mood stable, and their motivation intact. Of course, highly effective entrepreneurs also give themselves permission to indulge in ending their day with an adult beverage to take the edge off, but they are mindful to do this with a balance. They would never choose to start their next day hung over. They start their next day hydrated from the previous one.

2. Exercise

There is a misconception that successful people have the freedom to exercise whenever they want; however, this is not true for the exceptionally busy. With all the different variables at hand during a workweek, it can be near to impossible to work out at the same time, or even in the same location each day. What is important, is not when or where they exercise, or even how long for that matter, but just that they do it. They exercise because exercise has proven to increase the neuroplasticity of the brain; making them smarter and more able to exist on the cutting edge of intelligence. Aside from the undeniable stress and health benefits, they will not sacrifice an opportunity to produce growth in their brain’s ability to stay sharp.

3. Preparation

Effective entrepreneurs are always ready for their day. No matter how busy they are, they accept that to be totally on-point they must be prepared and organized. The more prepared they are, the more confident, relaxed and efficiently they operate. They prepare lists, goals, calls, meetings, calendars, what they’re going to eat, sleep, what clothes they will wear, travel itineraries, time for exercise, family and friends. They make sure to start each day ahead of the game, by being prepared. 

4. Self-Care

Effective entrepreneurs value time as their most precious commodity. They understand they must maintain their much-needed quiet time to avoid burnout. For this reason, they pre-plan vacation time, take days off when sick or otherwise necessary. Because they take the breaks to enjoy their lives, they are actually more successful than the entrepreneur who works non-stop, lives on caffeine, nicotine and fast food in order to not miss work. Time for self-care is sacred in an effective entrepreneur’s world.

5. Master Minds

Effective entrepreneurs view themselves as ‘learners.’ It's no easy task working to be the best at what they do; however, the healthy medicine they need is the support they get from like-minded and similarly driven others. Effective entrepreneurs do not see and end-date to their success, so to continue learning and growing, it is crucial to have successful others to mentor, support and teach them. It is also important for them to play this role for others. They believe wholeheartedly the more help, support and encouragement they give and receive, the more enjoyable their journey to success will be.

We hope that you enjoyed these tips and that you can adopt all, or some of them if you have not already. As we often say during our training... Your business at the end of the day is only as GOOD as YOU are! By taking care of yourself, you are taking care of your business! 

What healthy habits do you practice daily?

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