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Maybe you are ready to make the jump from employment into starting your own business or maybe you are just stuck and have fallen out of love with what you do and need some new inspiration life in your business! Maybe you want to start treating your hobby as a business! I know there is a SPARK in YOU ready to ignite... Let's find it! 

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What Makes a SuperPreneur?

SuperPreneurs are unique in their making... and in saying that anyone can become a SuperPreneur with dedication and commitment to connecting to their inner guidance, finding their unique balance and using their creativity and light for Transcendence and Transformation. 

SuperPreneurs integrate being, feeling, thinking and doing amid the challenges of daily living and activity. Mastering these four core skills enables you to creatively solve every challenge faced, and create an atmosphere of empowerment and love or as I would like to say... "Stay Connected to Your Super Power!" 

Disconnecting from any of these four skills, are you disconnecting from your Super Power aka your unique voice and vibe that you bring to your clients and customers. Through Self exploration we know who we are, and in turn know what our ideal purpose and position is in what we bring to the our clients and to the world. 

About SuperPreneur Lifestyle...

Jo-Anne Mac Millan is the co-creator of SuperPreneur Lifestyle.

She has a unique set of skills that set her apart from other coaches... Her background is in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy and she has a keen interest in helping her clients connect to and maintaining their inner spark! Combining her knowledge of psychology with her experience of managing a successful private practice since 2009, she has cultivated a unique set of tools and techniques to help her clients uncover what is blocking their creativity, how they might sabotage their own success and helping them to reconnect to their inner guidance and develop their intuitive intelligence, by teaching the IntÅ«:it Method (TM).

Working with Entrepreneurs, Jo-Anne places huge emphasis on Self Care Practice as she believes that "Your Business is ONLY as good as YOU are!" She often shares that Entrepreneurs usually love what they do, and do not always know when and how to stop! Taking time out to refuel and refill that tank is crucial in having a sustainable and lucrative business. 

Jo-Anne has a unique talent in creating online products and services and helping her clients to best package their business online. Ask her how

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Creativity Session

Book a 90 minute creativity session with Jo-Anne. Get some clarity and new creative ideas of the next steps in your business or project. 

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Brainstorm Day

Book a Half Day or Full Day with Jo-Anne. Flipcharts, Markers, Mind Maps and Actionable Steps. 

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superpreneur mastermind

SuperPreneur Mastermind

Become part of the SuperPreneur Mastermind. Monthly meetings between September and June and Zoom call checkins. 

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Answer the Call to Adventure! 

Your business is a your very own platform to shine your unique light!

Are you ready to create a vibrant and thriving business that can showcase your unique service and product?

Jo-Anne is calling you to step up into your best life! To create a business that you love! 

Book a Clarity Call with Jo-Anne to find out how you can move from Entrepreneur to SuperPreneur! 

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